Friday 8 May 2015

Image taken by Emma Gilleece

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All my posts when it boils down to it are for me. I write what I would like to read. I like to think that my writing falls into that gap between architectural editorials comprising primarily of photographs and historical texts too reliant on the written word. I am not an architect/architectural technician/QS/structural engineer so I am not capable of the technical when it comes to buildings but I attempt to describe to the best of my ability how they look and the socioeconomic context that brought about the building's existence. I am naturally very curious. I like to ask the "why" questions. 
For anybody who has found this blog first of all thank you and secondly I'd list to point your way to other Irish bloggers curious about the wonders of man-made design from postboxes, lamp posts, gates, furniture, interior design, planning, cottages, villas, water towers, barns, dams, bridges, chapels, stadiums, handball alleys, etc. This is by no means the definitive list so please let me know of others that should be included. These are just some of the people I have so far discovered. I also include their Twitter handles for you Tweeters. All of us on Twitter are micro-bloggers. I think Twitter is amazing and it has lead me virtually to people I would never normally get a chance to meet for real. I love throwing out a query like bait on a hook and soon reeling in a salmon of knowledge!
My bloggers list so far, thirteen in all (my lucky number);
  1. Come Here to Me  Twitter @chtmdublin
  2. getoutofthatgarden Mark Jenkins, Twitter @markjinks
  3. The Irish Aesthete , Robert O'Byrne, Twitter @IrishAesthete
  4. The Irish Architectural Archive blog Twitter
  5. building19thcenturyIreland Dr Caroline Magennis, Twitter @DrMagennis
  6. Dublin Decoded Arran Q Henderson, Twitter @arranqh
  7. Cuffe Street, Ciarán Cuffe Twitter @CiaranCuffe
  8. National Inventory of Architectural Heritage (NIAH) Building of the Month Twitter:
  9. Irish Architectural Foundation's My Architecture Design Journal, blog project for TY students Twitter @IAFarchitecture
  10. Archiseek, Paul Clerkin Twitter @archiseek (this might be more site than blog but it's a definite go-to place for info). 
  11. Architexture, Paul Sheeran Twitter @_architexture
  12. Brian Leddin Twitter @BrianLeddin
  13. I Like Local Aideen McCole Twitter @aideenmccole (Aideen is my exception as she has moved to London but still blogs frequently about Irish design)
  14. Irish Planning Institute Blog @IrishPlanInst

I recommend these Tweeters who are a delight to follow & should start their own blogs;
Frank McDonald @frankmcdonald60
Randel Hodkinson @JHOD1852
Dr Daniel O'Neill @ONeillDanielP
Ciárán Ferrie @ccferrie + Fumbally Exchange @FumballyExch
Limerick Museum and Archives @LimerickLMA
Praxis Architecture, Michael O'Connor @praxisarc
Maria Donoghue @maria_donoghue
Will Derham @w_derham
Emmett Scanlon @Emmett_Scanlon
2ha Magazine @2ha_magazine
An Taisce (Limerick) @AnTaisce_Lim
Dr Lorcan Sirr @lorcansirr

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